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Common Signs of Miscarriage

When during the pregnancy the fetus is lost before the full pregnancy period it is called miscarriage. If the fetus is naturally lost before the 20th week of the pregnancy it is called miscarriage but in case it happens after the 20th week then it is called pre-term delivery. About 50% of the fertilized eggs die even before the women get to know they are pregnant. In the known pregnancies about 10%-15% have miscarriages and it happens mostly in the first trimester of the pregnancy. In the first trimester the pregnancy gets terminated mostly due to genetic problems or birth defects of the embryo but there are other causes also -Improper implantation of the egg on the wall of the uterusHormonal imbalanceLong term infectionMalformed reproductive organsUnhealthy habits of mother such as smoking, drinking, drug intake etc.Mother has diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid etc.To prevent severe damages due to miscarriages and miscarriages during the next pregnancy, one should know about the signs of miscarriage so that immediate help from the health care providers could be taken.The various signs of miscarriage are -Vaginal bleeding- the first signs of the miscarriage is bleeding or spotting in most of the women. Bleeding from vagina does not always mean there is miscarriage but during pregnancy if bleeding from vagina is seen, immediate doctor’s help should be taken. Bleeding could happen due to irritation in the cervix or due to implantation process.Severe abdominal pain- During ectopic pregnancy (the eggs get implanted outside the womb), this symptom is experienced. If one experiences severe abdominal pain during the early days of pregnancy and the pain is on one side of the abdomen, immediate medical help is needed.Dull cramping in the muscles- cramping must not be due to miscarriage alwaysSometimes small tissue like or clot-like material is passed out form the vaginaAny of the above symptoms might not be the signs of miscarriage always but one should be careful enough to seek the medical help if any abnormality is experienced so that immediate medical help could be provided and further complications could be avoided. In case the doctor confirms that there is a miscarriage there is nothing much to worry. If the woman has the right age and is physically fit and the same is true for the partner, she can still be pregnant and have a healthy child.

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