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A fantastic stuffed animal’s evolution to learn about

The industrial revolution brought a turnaround in the manufacturing of stuffed animals. There are many devices that are fun and represent the evolution of technology. This allowed creating objects increasingly close to the real distraction for the children.The first one was teddy bear. Moreover, another one of the first toys was archaic and popular yo-yo. They were built of wood, metal or terracotta, up to current models full of lights and colors. Closely tied to this, it should be noted in antiquity the use of two toys that have all shared their story with man: these are the ball and wrist. The ball is the toy that year after year has helped the child, has been his best friend and he has dreamed of becoming a great athlete.As for the wrist, over the years has gone from rags to all kinds of vital functions that resemble those of real infants. Between 1925 and 1945, the U.S. industry is developing models of dolls that open and close your eyes, surrounded by long lashes, open mouth showing small teeth, fingers with fingernails. Undoubtedly the most famous doll in the world is Barbie, Mattel's stylized doll, which was launched in 1959. It was created by company founder Elliot Handler and his wife Ruth, who decided to put the name of his little daughter, Barbie, that of his son was used to name her famous boyfriend, Ken.More than half a billion stuffed animals have been sold worldwide. Moreover, back to Barbie, despite having more than 40 years of age, has the face and body of a twenty something. The best about dolls and stuffed toys is their adaptability to changing times have made it a classic, when the majority of toys depend on the capricious will of children, continue to turn, no less capricious will of marketing.Given these two classics, take a stroll by the memory, looking for toys star that marked the lives of thousands of children, and undoubtedly have been involved in the infancy of many of us. If we look back in the decade of the 50 we can say it was without doubt the most productive in terms of evolution of these stuffed animals used by children, the course that would then take the industry and commerce had their point of turning at the time. Find appealing stuffed animals that will allow your children to feel happy. Opt for quality models.

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