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Action Figures - Own a Piece of the Movies

Action figures as a genre of modelled figurines are specifically named because they must exhibit a number of points of articulation. This means that a number of extremities such as arms, legs or head must be able to be moved changing the figure’s posture and appearance. This can include simple head movements from side to side or even the famous ‘karate chop action’ exhibited by some action figures by pressing a concealed button or switch. Traditionally most action figures are made with a safe moulded plastic casing such as Acrylonitrile butadiene (ABS), some of which have hollow interiors to facilitate electronic devices that give the model more interactive capabilities. A young boy would most likely love a toy version of his favourite wrestling superstar but no doubt would be much happier with a model that shouts that superstars famous catchphrases when prompted to do so. Many action figures now also come with accessories to increase the models interactivity. What would make a popular model of a cartoon soldier better than a number of attachable weapons that can make the interactive experience more enjoyable?The phrase ‘action figures’ was first used in a production line in the mid 1960s when many models were made to mimic popular comic book characters. By 1990 many massive toy production companies had a huge range of models available the success riding on the back of the massive increase in popular children’s’ television shows and movies. It was around this time that true toy collecting also became increasingly popular. As the younger generation grew older the new wave of young adults wanted to own every action figure of their once favourite character from their favourite show, film or comic book as a child. Despite the large demand for collector’s items the main market is and always will be children. With so many action figures to choose from it may seem overwhelming what to buy your little boy for his birthday. The thing to remember is however that these toys play heavily on a child’s ability to imagine and play. A child imaginative ability by far exceeds our own and most children love nothing more than to use their latest toys to immerse their self into a fun, new, imaginative world based on their own ideas or from their favourite comic book. The more interactive and realistic the model the more fun and time the child will get from it.

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