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Discover power and electricity facts about rc helicopters

When focusing on traditional rc helicopters power supply, as icing on the cake we have the earnings on those who can say it is really very poor. Performance should be understood by the ratio of the absorbed power from the power line and power delivered to the load.To proceed we can say that making such a power be efficient for high consumption is always very expensive and bulky. This prompted the designers to create sources of lower cost and higher performance, which was achieved with the switched type.  It is my intention to make an exhaustive analysis of the operation of the power it would be too lengthy and boring, but we will see everything from magic is made by Asians and how we will reform for our purposes. The source of a system is the type of "switching" or switched which basically works the same way you do a fly-back TV conventional. A basic idea we have in the following figure:The idea is to apply an rc helicopters operating voltage (+ B) on the primary drive transformer and make the transistor, which limits the time you are driving and maximum drain current in saturation state which will be very important, too as the tension is high (300v. approximately), the generated magnetic field energy will be able to induce a few laps secondary and high current section 15 or 20 Amps.The transformers of switching power supplies are capable of delivering between 100 and 150 Watts of power to the load, or you could say that our PC can deliver different voltages to operate distributed. Once armed the system put it in a suitable enclosure, if metal is better. The output to the antenna is made with a conventional barrel type connector. Do not use audio connectors or cord. The coaxial cable to the radiant should be adequate for this type of installation. Poor cabling can reduce the final power radiated.AntennaConsider adding a out-band antenna used to increase the ROE of the team, causing losses in radiated power. After this you need to enter the audio terminals with a modulation signal (a TDA2002 perfectly fulfills this role) and start broadcasting in the fascinating world of shortwave. Remember that this type of activity is (or at least should be) regulated by other circuits. The rc helicopters transistors TR1 and TR2 have reached some time during high temperature operation that is otherwise normal, if deemed excessive, finned coolers placing small solve the problem.

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