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A great radio control helicopter approach to move forward

You can get to know a general guideline about radio control helicopter transmitters. Some capacitors may serve as a fine tuning. Once the output frequency is balanced, we must set the following variable capacitors to calibrate the remaining stages of the transmitter. Remember that these settings are made from the capacitor on the left to the one on the right. Remember that the initial setting is convenient to do with ghosts and burdens not the final antenna to avoid interference to other stations.With regard to food and 2.5A 14V circuit provides 15W, while with 18V and 3.5A provides 18W, in all cases the source must be stabilized. The radio control helicopter circuit must be built on an epoxy printed with the top (component) reserved for the courts and the lower side interconnect (solder) to the ground plane. We do not have the printed circuit design. If someone built this transmitter would appreciate email you send us the design of the board.Transistors 2N3924, 2N4427 and BLY88 must be mounted with suitable heat sinks. In this type of components used circular shaped heat sinks star. In the case of transistors 2Nxxxx the ideal size is 20mm diameter by 10mm in height, while for the BLY88 must be 75mm diameter by 100mm high. It is mandatory to use silicone grease to optimize heat transfer transistors to their sinks. Remember that excessive heat (other than instability in the output) can damage components.Miniature Stereo FM TransmitterDespite your radio control helicopter model, this circuit, whose only active ingredient is an integrated circuit, allows listening on the radio walkman headband or the signal from a computer, a stereo TV or hi-fi. It has excellent signal to noise ratio, very good separation between channels is easy to adjust and the range is more than adequate for home use. Another possible use is in the car to enter the vehicle's stereo signal from a MP3 player even when the team does not have line inputs, simply tune the transmitter on a free position and you will see the circuit IS done.The incoming stereo audio signal is conditioned and capped by a handful of resistors and capacitors and then enter the integrated circuit. Other radio control helicopter components are responsible for generating a pilot signal combination to achieve the MPX signal and the output buffer to the antenna. The circuit operates with 3V. Be powered with any voltage higher than indicated will destroy the IC. The antenna can be a wire rod 60cm long or a telescopic FM antenna.

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