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Questions To Ask Before You Sign Your Apartment Lease

Renting an apartment for the first time can be a challenge, especially if you have never rented an apartment before. Its a good idea to know what you will expect from an apartment before you sign the lease.  So its up to you to ask the most appropriate questions. We have listed some questions and topics you might want to ask so you will have a clear picture of your life in the community.What Kind Of Condition Is The Apartment InYou will want to take a tour of the apartment before you move in. If the apartment unit is not ready for viewing, you will want to come back when it is. When you do tour take your time and thoroughly inspect the entire unit. Do the appliances work? Do the windows open and close? Also inspect the walls for any damage.How Much Noise Is ThereNow matter how nice and convenient your apartment home is, if there are constant noise issues you won’t be happy. The apartment manager and leasing agents should be aware of any noise issues.  They are the ones who will be notified by unhappy tenants.  Be sure and ask where the most quiet parts of the apartment home are. Parking Is there plenty of parking available? You will want to make sure you have a spot. You don’t want to have to come home only to find out you will have to park on the side of a street. Also if you plan on having regular guests over will they be allowed to park too?Pet RulesAll apartment communities will have rules regarding pets. If you don’t have a pet but plan on getting one, find out about any restrictions regarding breed and weight.  Be sure to inquire about the pet deposit. Will you receive the deposit back or will that be kept by the community.

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