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The Various Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

Even with so much advancement in the field of science and education as well as an increased awareness amongst people it is really sad that the cases of teenage pregnancy are alarmingly on the rise if the latest reports and the surveys are any indication. Teenagers are completely unsuitable to handle the extreme responsibilities of pregnancy and the impending motherhood. They are little more than children themselves in both mind and body. An immature mind and body is a lethal combination for undergoing pregnancy. However sometimes even with our best precautions and awareness programs regarding the need for safe sex teenagers inevitably make the wrong move at some or other weak emotional moment and end up getting pregnant even with best intentions to the contrary. Now why this happens is really quite baffling. Here are some of the causes of teenage pregnancy:1. Raging hormones: Early puberty is the time for so many bodily and emotional changes. It is the most difficult time for the teenagers. Emotions they did not even knew existed, start showing themselves and start complicating their lives. In such circumstances it is no wonder that the teenagers look for escape route from various complications and consider sex as a new adventure as well as a pleasant diversion from the drudgeries or the boredom of life. 2. Peer pressure: Peer pressure may be another of the causes of teenage pregnancy because it leads them on to a wrong track and make them experiment with sex at an early age. Without adequate knowledge regarding safe sex the consequences of such experimentation can be easily guessed. Teenage is a time when we want to impress our friends and want to belong to a peer group. Sometimes having sex makes us acceptable and popular amidst our friends and acquaintances. 3. Contraceptive failure: Now this is something which is an accident and thus cannot be avoided. Most teenagers do not have any idea regarding emergency contraceptives and also do not know where and how to procure it from. As a result the inevitable occurs and the contraceptive failure results in unwanted teenage pregnancies. which leave an indelible impression on both the immature mother and the baby which is subsequently born. Knowing the various causes of teenage pregnancy shows us that such cases are thoroughly avoidable and all that is needed is the right guidance and an interactive atmosphere at home where parents have a free and frank discussion with their wards regarding safe sex and ways to avoid pregnancy.

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