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The Many Types of Building Blocks

Almost every child during their life will play with building blocks. This is because there are many things that they can teach children, such as hand eye coordination and even logic skills. Over the years though, there have been many different types of blocks that have come out. If you are trying to find the right one for your child, then there are a few things that you should know to make sure you get the one that is right for them.The oldest type of building blocks is wooden blocks. These can all be the same size or shape or even different and may even come in different colors. These are great for teaching children to balance and can be great for small children, such as toddlers. This is because the pieces are too large to choke on and cannot go into the mouth.Another type of building blocks that you may find are log style, made famous by Lincoln Logs. These look like small wooden logs with grooves cut out of the ends. The way this works is the grooves will fit into each other allowing you to create a structure with them. This was first popularized when the log cabin was at its peak. Children could play with the log toys and try to make their very own log cabin again and again. Legos and other styles of interlocking building blocks are probably the most common around the world today. These are great for children of all ages, because they are much easier to work with than the other blocks. There are downsides to these blocks though. For instance, they do not always come apart easily. On top of this, you have to make sure that you have ones for the right age group as younger children can choke on the small pieces and older children do not want to play with the large versions. They are also the most expensive type of blocks that you can buy.There are many different options that you have when you are looking to get building blocks for your child. If you have the money, one option is to get all of these styles and see which one your child likes the most. If they do not play with a certain style, you can always donate the blocks to a charity for children. In the end, your child will learn fundamental lessons for life.

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