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Valentine's Day Arts And Crafts Projects

Here are some ideas that you may find useful.Preparation phaseFor this special occasion, the core symbol that we are going to create is the heart. To do that, we are going to need some basic teacher materials. The essential materials include:1) A pair of scissors.2) Color paper and cardboard sheets (if available).3) Paper glue.4) Any form of decorative materials that is available to you. Decorative materials doesn't have to be costly. When bought in bulk, they can be rather affordable. Some examples include ribbons, soft colored paper, wrapping paper, colored strings, etc. Of course, these are just essential materials that you'll need. You are not limited to using just these materials alone. With a little creativity, you can turn useless materials such as used magazines and newspapers into nice little items. Here are a couple of projects to get you started.Giant heartFor this project, here is what you will be doing.1) Cut out a giant heart. The size depends on the size of the paper that is available to you. Ideally, it should be 12" x 18" or bigger. Letter size is a little too small for what we are about to do. The color doesn't really matter. The giant heart will serve as the background for what is about to come.2) Now, cut out little hearts using the color paper that's available to you. Cut out enough to fill up the border of the giant heart. Use paper glue to attach these little hearts, which are created from different colored paper, to the perimeter of the giant heart. You now have a giant heart that is nicely decorated with small little colorful hearts. The little hearts can also be cut into different sizes.3) Leave a little space in the middle of the giant heart. Then in the middle, pick your favorite Valentine's poem and use a black or silver marker to write the poem in the middle. If there is not enough space, simply select a quotation and write it there. You now have a meaningful Valentine's Day gift to give away. If you are working with children, you can select a variety of quotes and poems for children to choose from.Decorative boxesBoxes serve a more practical function. They can be used to store things, or they can be used as decorative ornaments. Here is how you can create a good looking Valentine's Day Box.1) Use the cardboard paper that you have and create the basic shape of a box. A box has six sides. If you are going to make a different cover, simply cut out enough for five sides. Use paper glue to stick the sides together.2) You now have a basic box that you can decorate. You can pick a simple design and just cut out hearts and flowers to stick on the box. Or you can get a little creative and place animal faces on the box. The nose and eyes can be heart shaped, but of different colors.Whatever design that you have decided to put together, remember that it's the fun that you are having with the children that counts. So create a memorable experience and have fun!

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