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An rc helicopter – types and functions all adults need to be aware of

A toy rc helicopter generally comes in various sizes and can perform a number of functions in flight. These helicopters can be found across the market including the online shops. They are generally powered with brushless electrical motors which are run on batteries such as Lithium-Ion or lithium polymer. The functions that they perform are regulated by the number of control channels that are provided and these cannot be changed in any way. They come in various sizes and depending on the expertise of use and the flying operations desired, people make their choices in the market. They make for extreme amounts of entertainment and can go a long way in shaping the creative interest of children. Some of these rchelicopters may also come with certain novelties such as digital cameras with which users can either click pictures or record video. These however, are very rare cases. Mostly, these aircrafts can perform normal functions such as straight and level flight, hovering and so on. Some of these may also be able to perform different functions such as inverted flight, backward flight and swoops. A hobby rc helicopter is somewhat different in its approach. Hobby rchelicopters come in various stages of assembly which means that buyers will have to finish the assembly before the product is ready for use. Intensive hobbyists often build their helicopters from scratch with complete research and control over each technical aspect of the helicopter and the parts that are to be used. As such, there is a massive industry of these miniature flying parts that can be tapped into through the internet and hobby stores across the country. There are various types of engines that can be put in which are powered through different sources which include nitro powered (a mixture of nitro methane and methanol), gas turbine, gasoline, petrol and batteries. There are also different types of rotors that are used in conjunction with the size of the craft and the functions to be performed. These include fixed pitch or co –axial rotors and also variable pitch mixing rotors. People can even choose the type of Tx/Rx equipment to be used to control the helicopter and the number of channels of control. Hobbyists often design and completely customize their crafts to suit their likes and needs. On the whole, the rc helicopter manages to capture the fancies of adults and children all over the world because of the highly fascinating concept of controlling an aircraft from the ground to perform various acrobatics and flying feats.

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