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How to make a building block for your kids and keep them happy

When a kid plays with a building block, he explores his imagination and develops his creativity. This is why you should ensure that your kid has a toy block. It would be easy to buy such a block but there is the option of making the block at home. This way, you will spend some time with your son as you make the block and eventually bond with him. All that you need in this process is some time, woodwork tools like a saw and sand paper, finishing products like paint, and the piece of wood as the raw material for making the building block.The first step of making a product is definitely the development of the image of the final product. You can achieve this by drawing a sketch of the block toy that you want to build or you can just have it in mind. However, it is good to involve your kid in the process of designing the toy. With the design and the tools, you should cut the wood into the component parts of the building block.The process will require the use of a tape measure, a saw, a pencil and a carpenter’s square. Most of the small components of the toy will be small squares, rectangles and triangles.The next step will involve the making of curved surfaces on the small blocks of wood. These are necessary because the toy building block will have some curved surfaces and they add to the beauty of the block. For you to make the curved surface, you will need to use the square blocks, mark their centres and then drill the marked centre. You will know the centre of the small block by using the carpenter’s square to draw diagonals across the piece. The two diagonals will intersect at the centre of the centre of the block. Moreover, you will need to use a wood drill to make the holes. The third step involves the enhancement of the block’s safety. This is where you use sand paper to make the edges and the surfaces of the small blocks smooth. In this process, you should use the sand paper with medium grains first before using the one with fine grains. If you are making an assembly of the small blocks then you should assemble them at this point.This should be the desired building block and you can either leave it natural or add decorations by painting, staining or carving out designs on the wood surface.

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