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A radio control helicopter – basic types and different features

A radio control helicopter has several types. The most common forms of these helicopters are the toy radio control helicopters that are found throughout the market in different sizes and forms. These toys are great for entertaining children and adults as well because they can perform a variety of tasks and are superior in their functions. The basic process of control remain to be the use of a hand held transmitter which can be used to input control changes that are directly transmitted to the receiver in the helicopter. As such every helicopter has a number of channels that are used to control the functions of the helicopter about its three axes. The most popular and common helicopters use 4-6 channels which gives users complete control of the helicopter and also allows for performance of several acrobatics. These helicopters are generally electrically powered and make use of different kinds of batteries such as lithium ion and lithium polymer.Hobby radio control helicopters are basically completely self designed or assembled helicopters that make for extremely customized and very powerful experience. As such, these helicopters can be bought in assembly kits in hobby stores or individual parts can be bought and they can be constructed by the user according to their designs and needs. As such, this offers people the chance to completely program every aspect of their radio control helicopter and make for a very entertaining and professional flying experience. People can choose from the different kinds of engines which include nitro powered engines (they use a fuel which is a mixture of nitro methane and methanol), gas turbine engines, petrol powered engines and electrically powered engines. They can also choose from different kinds of rotor system which include fixed pitch rotors, cyclical or collective pitch mixing rotors and coaxial rotors. There are also different sizes and weights that are available in terms of the bodies which also change with the addition of the motor, the power source and the rotors and gyros. All these parts and dimensions along with the requisite type of transmission and reception equipment decide how much control is offered to the user. These functions include straight and level flight, backwards and inverted flight, hovering, swoops and so on. As such, any radio control helicopter can be controlled through the use of the correct number of channels. As such, once all these aspects are put together, they make for a completely customized experience which hobbyists enjoy flaunting. There are different competitions and tournaments that are being held by various aviation regulatory bodies that offer hobbyists the chance to showcase their designs.

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