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For and against the wooden block and its uses

Durability is one of the main reasons that people opt for Wooden Block units. When compared with other building blocks made of various materials such as plastic, the Wood Block units are long lasting than others. Even though the paint on them may be fading after a while, the users themselves can repaint them giving them a new look any time they need. On the other hand, Wood Block units can be fitted solidly. No gap is seen when two parts of a Wood Block is fixed. Once the structure is fixed, it is studier than other structures built with materials such as plastics.   Unlike many building blocks, the Wooden Block is washable and hence it can be quickly cleaned. Many preserve them with their new looks for many years to come. Wood Block units are normally made of quality wood which does not degenerate due to spillage of water or any other liquid. The users can change their colours as they wish and make any other decorations on them as well. All these are plus points that are with Wood Block units. Children cannot swallow Wooden Block units easily like they can do with other materials such as plastics.   Many higher educational institutions now use building blocks for teaching, and they more often opt to have Wood Block units. The thickness and weight of the Wood Block unit make it easier to demonstrate positively what they intend to show to the audience. Sudden falls due to loose edges are very rare with structures made of those blocks. All these are plus points with wooden blocks. Many prefer the Wooden Block Units because they are durable.   On the other hand, some argue that Wooden Block units are too heavy for kids. They get tired after some time because, it is very difficult to lift wooden blocks to their appropriate places. Once structured, the separation also needs some effort, they say. In addition, modern building blocks made of shiny materials such as plastics and many other synthetic materials are very attractive than Wood Block units. Nevertheless, these arguments are not based on solid ground. People who use Wood Block units know by experience that they are better than cheap blocks made of other materials. Children are not exposed to sad incidents with Wood Block units since they cannot easily swallow these blocks unlike other types of building blocks. That reason is more than enough for parents to select Wooden Block units over others.

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