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How LED light bulbs saves energy

The LED light bulbs was developed using some latest technology so that it can take the place of incandescent bulbs and the halogen  bulbs only  because they can save some energy, and also this bulb does not contain the presence of mercury in it. Also the LED light bulbs are considered to be environment friendly as they can be recycled very easily and they also do not produce any heat too. The lifespan of the LED light bulbs is about 50,000 hours, which is generally much higher compared to the other bulbs and because of this it is durable too. So after installing the LED light bulbs you do not have to worry about the replacement of the bulb as it can last long. The LED light bulbs are mostly known because of its energy saving feature which was absent in the earlier incandescent or halogen bulbs that used to dissipate a large amount of energy by producing heat. Also because of this the electricity bill will be high. Also the LED light bulbs have been created after lot of research so that this bulb can eliminate some energy that is lost due to heating.  Thus this research has helped to create the LED light bulbs which are capable to produce very low heat and thus some energy is saved. The Halogen bulbs used to use 85% of the electrical energy that produces heat and only 15% of electrical energy is used to produce heat where as in the LED light bulbs only 90% of electrical energy is used to produce light. The Halogen bulbs were fitted with their filaments through which some electricity were passed so that it can produce light but these filaments gets heated up quickly and consume about 90% of the electricity for heating. But in the case of LED light bulbs, the LED light bulbs use light emitting diodes to produce the light and so the electrical energy is converted to light energy without wasting any energy for heating. By making use of the LED light bulbs you can also save some of your electricity bill. But though the led bulb is expensive compared to the other bulb you can go for it only because it has a longer life span and it can even produce bright light. This light is used not only in office and home but is used in some business establishments too. The LED light bulbs are known for its style as well as efficiency.

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