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Which Summer Camp is Right For Your Child

Talking with your child about going to a summer camp can help you to stay on the same page. Most children are up for new adventure and experiences. At the same time you do not want to choose something that can be too difficult for them. You can get a better feel for this when you spend time talking with them. The results may change from year to year or season to season. If you have children under the age of seven or eight, it will probably be too young to start them on an overnight program. A community day camp would be just perfect for them. It is smart to try to include the things that will be of interest to your child but at the same time spice it up enough to challenge them a little. This is what the camps do best. Sending them to a nearby camp when they are younger will give you peace of mind and allow for immediate evaluations since you will pick them up and drop them off regularly. They can also develop lasting friendships with classmates from your local neighborhood. As your child grows older, he may enjoy having the freedom to make more choices and pick a camp that is not so close to home. It will be a way for him to stretch and become more independent and an excuse for the rest of the family to change their routine and travel more. He may decide to stay in town and concentrate on his sports, arts or video gaming. Indirectly, your child will develop more of a tolerance for diversity in general since he will find himself in such a situation. The shorter sessions of summer camp are perfect for the younger children since they can be close to home and have a camp experience with less of an expense to the pocket book. The child will get all of the advantages of a camp but will not feel the homesickness because the sessions will be shorter and close to home. Special needs camps often have shorter hours to help work with the child's existing schedule and needs. The older child would most appreciate the longer summer camp sessions. He will get a sense of community and develop new friendships that could last a lifetime. There will be more time to introduce new skills and develop them. The decision of single sex or co ed camps can be up to your child. They should also have a say as to whether they would prefer a more traditional camp or one that will just focus on one or two specific activities.

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