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How to Conceive After Miscarriage

Miscarriage is heartbreaking for women and it sometimes makes her feel guilty about the process. The feeling of loss and guilt shatters her emotionally and physically and it becomes the responsibility of the partner and the other people around her to make such situations which will bring her back to the normal easily. Most of the couple feels that conceiving after miscarriage is the best options for leading a normal life but it is advisable that every activity performed after a miscarriage no matter what is the age of the woman and how early it has happened should be taken after consulting the doctor. The idea of conception varies from woman to woman and it is seen that some want to conceive immediately after the miscarriage while others want to wait for some time.There are some changes in the body which happens due to miscarriage and thus couple must wait for some days even if they have plans of conceiving after miscarriage immediately.The body needs rest for some days after miscarriage has happened.Heavy bleeding is experienced in women and it normally stops within 4-6 weeks. No sexual intercourse should be done before the bleeding stops.It should be kept in mind that nothing should be placed in the vagina such as tampons or douching before the bleeding stops otherwise infection could be thereThe cervix is dilated due to miscarriage and it comes back to normal when the bleeding stops so it is important to give the body this time before any intercourse is done or any conception plan is thereSome women feel scared to have sex after miscarriage and do not want to get conceived. The sexual activity reminds them of the experience of their miscarriage or they feel bad for their unborn child which ultimately affects their sexual desire. The men have to keep in the mind that they should not pressurize the women to have sex and try to handle her with care and love so that she can come out of this state of mind.There are some women who want to get pregnant immediately after the miscarriage. It is true that the women know their body well but they should wait for the minimum period before they should actually go for it.Conceiving after miscarriage is entirely depending on the couple but doctor’s advice should be taken to avoid any such incidents in the future.

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